Celebrating personal discordia and spiritual anarchy.

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"Anarchy is not intended to be sustainable. It is not a system of government, a codified list of rules and beliefs, or a mind set geared toward cultural constructivism. It is a spark, a flash, a small flame that ignites a paradigm-obliterating explosion. It is destructive by nature. It lies dormant and, like diesel fuel, can only be ignited by tremendous pressure. It deconstructs. It strips flesh from bone and grinds bone to dust. It is doomed to consumption in the conflagration instigated by its own primal spark. It is a catalyst. It is tinder. It is powder and fuse."

Rich Oliver

Life in the fire.

"From the moment we crawl from the viscera of the womb we are fated to die, destined to return to dust and bone. No alternative. No choice of outcome. Do we cower in anticipation of arbitrary end or embrace fire and unlimited, transient life? That is the only choice. Live in defiance and acceptance of our dying, or live in fear of it. When the end comes I will kiss it full on the mouth and I will say, well lived, me"

Rich Oliver