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"Anarchy is not intended to be sustainable. It is not a system of government, a codified list of rules and beliefs, or a mind set geared toward cultural constructivism. It is a spark, a flash, a small flame that ignites a paradigm-obliterating explosion. It is destructive by nature. It lies dormant and, like diesel fuel, can only be ignited by tremendous pressure. It deconstructs. It strips flesh from bone and grinds bone to dust. It is doomed to consumption in the conflagration instigated by its own primal spark. It is a catalyst. It is tinder. It is powder and fuse."

Rich Oliver

Just a Spark

Anarchy is not intended to be sustainable. It is not a system of government, a codified list of rules and beliefs, or a mind set geared toward cultural constructivism. It is a spark, a flash, a small flame that ignites a paradigm obliterating explosion. It is destructive by nature. It lies dormant and, like diesel fuel, can only be ignited by tremendous pressure. It deconstructs. It strips flesh from bone and grinds bone to dust. It is doomed to consumption in the conflagration instigated by its own primal spark. It is a catalyst. It is tinder. It is powder and fuse.

Mass Delusion

I attended a local Christmas Mass last night, I thought that my sense of disenfranchisement from, and general dissatisfaction with, religion may be due, in part, to my stubborn refusal to attend any gathering remotely smacking of religiosity. I decided to be open and follow my internal nagging. I was going to give Jesus another chance.
I was seeking a message. I was seeking a confirmation of my path, or an alternative view that could somehow supplement my present course or, at the very least, expand my vision beyond my irritating tendency toward the nihilistic.
So I prayed. I sang. I lit the candle. I greeted my neighbors in the pews. I smiled at the priest. So far so good…then the pastor rose to speak. I weighed his words carefully, sifting through them for deeper meaning, for a message tailored just to me.
Is it there? “No”, a small dark pressure pulsed behind my right ear urging me to wait. “Be still”. I shifted my weight and listened again. Is that it? “No”, the pressure came again. “Be still and now that I am God”. I cleared my mind and exhaled softly. I listened differently, allowing the words to enter my mind and drift about unmolested by pretense or logic.
Then it came. Softly at first, wound around a rather innocuous story, then ever more bold as the narrative unfolded…bursting forth in contrived flamboyance and a rising baritone falsetto…”individuals cannot receive messages from God. Messages from the Almighty God are only given to groups of believers, and only through an appointed shepherd. Beware” he continued “of any man claiming to receive such communications, for he is being deceived”. The congregation nodded. A few moments later, ushers passed the collection plates. I dropped in a twenty.
There is was. My message. A quick confirmation through my own, direct access to the creator left no doubt in my soul of the total, intentionally deceitful nature of the comment. Of course he would say those things. It’s just good business. Job security.
I sat awhile longer and observed the crowd, choir and assorted staff. I witnessed the nodding heads and the smiling, flat affects of the congregation in the sea around me. A peace descended on me. “Am I free to go now, has the message been given?” The warm pressure in my left temporal lobe assured me that it was time for me to go and that the affirmation had been delivered as intended.
I stood and left the building. As I walked back to my car along the snow packed sidewalk, I thanked my creator for the privilege of direct communication, and for the confirmation I had been given that my path was the correct one for me. I expressed thanks for a wink and a nod, a cosmic chuckle and a peaceful assurance that I would never be required to leave the course of my spiritual direction in the hands of another.
Again the warmth in my left temple, and Ganesh chuckled.

Borrowed Light

We cannot exist on the faith, or word, of others anymore. We cannot put our faith in ancient, stagnant codifications of belief and behavior. Spirituality must be dynamic, instantaneous, individual and universally accessible if it is to be of any good. Spirituality is a map through the morass. Outdated maps do us no practical service. Real time spirituality is the only path to survival in these uneasy times. Who do we trust? Where do we go? Everyone has an opinion. Most are misguided. Some are intentionally spreading disinformation. Each of us is privy to DIRECT, instant, two way communication with the source of creation. Each of us is born with this connection, this ability, this essential sense. We must now learn to develop and trust in it. The time is rapidly approaching when we will no longer be able to trust others, only our own internal voice, our own secure connection to the cosmic mover. Those mired down in codified, non dynamic systems will search in vain for answers to issues not even imagined when the ancient texts were penned.

Rule By Distraction

We are being deceived. We are being distracted. Can you see the cracks now, running through the fabric of the finely crafted facade?

To those that falsely assume leadership over men:

You are struggling to hold it together, just until you can assume control. The rub is this...you have fallen into your own deceit. Control is not possible while individual will exists. Some among us will die for our freedom, our autonomy. We will set ourselves ablaze. We will sacrifice ourselves out of sheer intolerance for fettered conditions. We are uncontrollable. You know this, yet you perpetuate the fiction. Sometimes the wounded snake feigns death, then strikes fatally when the offending hand draws near. We know who you are. You can't be vigilant forever.

Bleeding the Beast

We are integral to the failing system. We feed it. We nurture it. We suckle upon it. Our retirement funds, our bank accounts, our investments, our homes and cars, our credit cards and school loans, our taxes and our consumer purchases all prop it up on its flailing tentacles. It must be allowed to die now. It must. Pull away. Take a loss. Be independent before all is lost to you.

Let it die.

Bleed it out.

In the Absence of Law

When those entrusted with the making and enforcing of laws blatantly disregard them, they, the applicable laws, are no longer in force and anarchy is the order of the day. Consensus dictates structure. We are being deceived. Our collective, agreed upon laws are being nullified by those in power. We must, then, by necessity, disregard the validity of these laws as applicable to ourselves as sovereign individuals. We are no longer bound by them. We must now exercise the moral obligation of civil disobedience.
Any means. Any method. Awaken Dustmakers.

The Revolution Has begun.

Anarchist Dialectic

A dialectic must exist that does not depend on or function thru direct interaction of problem/solution or offer any synthesis or derivation of the problem. A true anarchistic dialectic must, by its very nature, ignore or render invalid the position proposed thru absolute inaction and disregard of it. No reason, no argument, no thesis/antithesis/synthesis...just a turning of the mind away from the proposition, regarding all such theories as equally valid/invalid simultaneously. There is no truth, only a collective agreement as to what should represent truth in any given social construct. All is truth. None is truth. Both equally true. Both equally false.

Emerging Clarity and Purpose

All of us are drawn inescapable to the moment of our own physical deaths, by virtue of our incarnation in the physical world. A world of chaos. A world of decay. A world of dust.
The urge to destroy, the urge to self destruct; both are primal aspects of an internal, preprogrammed inclination toward change inherent to the organism and its fundamental purpose. They are archetypal manifestations of the will, the unstoppable primal drive, to change both environment and organism in the face of social and spiritual stimuli hostile to the very essence of life and the evolution of soul energy.
A dustmaker, then, is a justifying element that lies dormant within a societal framework until it is called forth to balance the equation and bring about change conducive to continued human existence. A dustmaker clears the fields of old, constricting growth in preparation for the seeds of spring, destroying outdated, destructive memes, theories, attitudes, ideas, systems, ideologies, theologies and structures that clog the wells of human potential and lead to spiritual stagnation.
We are the fire that purifies. We are the wind that sifts. We are your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers. We look like you. We sit next to you in churches, temples and synagogues. We are, in many aspects, indistinguishable from you in every way. No sign or symbol heralds our arrival. No external identification of affiliation adorns head or heart. Our souls boil within us as we observe offense after offense hurled toward our personal sovereignty, as we see our fellow humans race about with lifeless eyes, psychotically consuming everything imaginable.
Our time is here. Our internal processes call us to action. We realize, maybe for the first time, the stirring of something deeper. We are here for something significant. We were created for a purpose. We reach for that which was forced, by convention, to abandonment in a system that has no place for anything but another useless eater.
Our sense of self. Our sense of purpose. Our calling. It is manifesting in the face of tightening restriction and stifling control. We feel, again as when children, a sense of
connectedness and almost gleeful anticipation, a surety of heart and mind that we, as agents of change, are here for more than this. Much more. This is our time. This is our role. We are makers of dust.

Fractal Paradigm

Occult belief presupposes an underlying order to the cosmos. It does not subscribe to chance. The Occult scientist strives to find an alchemic connection between the micro and the macro. Contrary to the apparent paradox inherent in the term occult scientist, the true mage is only interested in the express, empirical connection of cause and effect. Alchemy. Correlation of intent and outcome. Manipulation of will and material fabric.

Embracing Thanatos

Every agent of change meets with the urge, often uncontrollable, to destroy and be destroyed in the name of something significant and lasting. They become an active agent of change on a visceral level, typically experienced as a base desire to eviscerate or violently rend asunder any and all perceived peoples, ideas and structures standing in opposition to the principles of unfettered personal freedom and choice. Disaffection. Disillusionment. Enlightenment. Extrication.
One must truly embrace his own worthlessness and realize that death will come to all things in time. Embracing death as a welcome comfort frees the mind from fear in relation to it, why fear the inevitable?

Puppets of Flesh

Carnis Instrumentum, a non traditional Latin phrase, translates as "body instrument" or, more in tune with contemporary phraseology "flesh puppet". The concept implies that humans, in physical form, are often at the mercy of forces beyond recognition, conception and imagination, indeed even beyond the control of individual will and choice. This work deals with the interaction of dark, traditionally evil, forces and their methods of interaction with the human species. It denotes their collective history, intentions, beliefs, methods of operation, existential nature, etc. and codifies specific means of dealing with their symbiotic relationship to humankind. It offers an alternative perspective to moral concepts held as absolute by Jewish, Islamic and Christian theologians and expresses the possibility that choice, freedom and volition may be nothing more than illusions of a misperceived realty.

Organic Singularity

Using linear views to explain, the universe is composed of infinite gradations of organizational matter in relation to scale, energetic capacity, and quantify able mass. The word "gradation" is not really even valid as an explanatory term for matter, as any delineation between perceived components of quantify able matter is extremely subjective and is determined by the intent, observational parameters, constraints, and limited scope of holistic interaction inherent in the limits of technology used in the process. One must use the infinite if one is to view the infinite. Use of limited technology only allows us to view those aspects of the infinite constrained to the narrow observational spectrum dictated by the device itself. It is due to this narrow view that we assume the universe, etc., to be composed of observable "units". There are, in fact, no gradients, only cooperative interaction when it comes to "units" of matter. Matter is one. It is impossible to measure where one "unit" ends and another begins in relation to actual composition and function. Our science is speculative at best. There is no "smallest" or "largest" in relation to observable, empirical, quantify able matter. The answer is "source". Alpha and Omega as legitimate explanation of the scope of matter should be considered. Beginning and end, smallest and largest, exclusive or all encompassing are all subjective views from the perspective of linear measure. Infinite perspective holds true for all aspects of creation. Gradations are a product of linear thought and reason culled from a reality in which only one actual outcome in any given interaction is possible. Our present reality is such, or appears as such to our subjective minds. In the construct of source, all possible outcomes to any given interaction are all manifest simultaneously in a non linear, deeply layered fashion. Source is the Alpha and the Omega. No quantification is possible in relation to the infinite. It simply is all that is.... It helps to think of source as a intelligent, dynamic, interactive medium of transference and organization rather than attempting to rectify infinite concepts with finite, anthropomorphic visualizations of a quasi- human god.

The Necessity of Spiritual Anarchy

Within the confines of our existential parameters, we are given a wide degree of latitude in relation to our own beliefs. In order to fully realize our own potentiality within these parameters, and possibly discover potententiality beyond our perceived limitations, we are obligated to exercise our power and abilities to create our own realities. No one should dictate our limitations but ourselves. Especially other individuals sharing the same matrices. Individual or group attempts to expand the parameters of their own realities to include authority over others should be challenged by those they mean to control, as both are equally valid under the parameters of shared matrices. You make the rules. You determine the structure of your reality. You can be convinced to accept the limitations of others, but you cannot be forced. Exercise your own will to create, connect to the source and realize the absolute autonomy inherent to your creative sphere. Refuse to conform. Refuse to be bullied. Don't push back, just refuse to acknowledge the validity of imposed, control based realities. Active resistance validates, passive dismissal invalidates.

The Illusion of Choice

Acting or operating within the predefined and ascribed parameters of a particular range of variables does not constitute choice, as true choice would allow the organism to transcend the predetermined limits of its design.
Human thinking acknowledges the absurdity behind choice when applied to universal macro systems, like planets stars and galaxies, and micro systems vis cells, atoms, subatomic particles, etc. while exempting itself of like limitation. Are we, as humans, able to choose? Are planets? Suns? Galaxies? What of germs, pryons and quarks? Can we then, as both a macro and micro component of each of these systems, assume our special status apart from them?
If we have choice, then they, as extensions of our own beings, have choice as well. Does not the very assumption of choice imply that we are able, though conscious will, to move beyond the boundaries and constraints inherent to our sphere of physical existence? Are we more than the sum of our parts? Acknowledging that we may be able to transcend our preprogrammed limitations automatically projects this assumption of choice and consequent transcendence simultaneously upward and downward onto our fractal parts.
If we can choose, so can the planets. If we can choose, so can the cells. Is each level of organization capable of true choice? Or is each perceived choice just another variable within the prescribed order of creation particular to that individual sphere of operation? Can I choose to be a tree, for example? Or to increase my own height exponentially at will? Would not true choice be without limitation? The mystical world introduces choice into the fixed matrices by transcending physical reality. True choice is only possible in the magical, or mystical realm. It is only through the application of fourth dimensional thinking that true choice becomes a very real possibility. Unless, of course, this is a built in ability specific to our sphere of operation.
Is true choice possible when it excludes any outcome?

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