Celebrating personal discordia and spiritual anarchy.

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"Anarchy is not intended to be sustainable. It is not a system of government, a codified list of rules and beliefs, or a mind set geared toward cultural constructivism. It is a spark, a flash, a small flame that ignites a paradigm-obliterating explosion. It is destructive by nature. It lies dormant and, like diesel fuel, can only be ignited by tremendous pressure. It deconstructs. It strips flesh from bone and grinds bone to dust. It is doomed to consumption in the conflagration instigated by its own primal spark. It is a catalyst. It is tinder. It is powder and fuse."

Rich Oliver

Matching Intensity

Intensity in interpersonal relationships occurs naturally when chemistry is involved; personal, intimate, spiritual, sexual energy. They are all inclusive and of the same origins…The source of all Creation (God). A God’s-eye view of our fractal universe may not differentiate, for example, between the energetic signatures of violence and competition. It is not unrealistic to assume that, viewed from a similar energetic/fractal/vibratory perspective; we are seen as holistic “symphonies” of interweaving frequency. Each aspect of our being (emotional, sexual, spiritual. Intellectual, logical. Material, etc.) forms an essential part of the symphonic whole and lends each of us a unique and easily definable pattern. Failure to integrate all available frequencies and aspects of energetic expression presents a less dense, less structurally intense signature. Fully integrated individuals present dense, interwoven signatures. Density often equals intensity. Intensity promotes acceleration in ambient, as well as individually concentrated, vibrational forms. Individuals with extreme intensity disrupt not only energetic systems within the environment, they are capable of disrupting established structures on a cellular, energetic, psychic, sexual, emotional and even societal levels. Being intense sucks. Kinda hard not to shit where you eat……

Dustmakers can’t keep. I wonder how long I will be required to keep this up?