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"Anarchy is not intended to be sustainable. It is not a system of government, a codified list of rules and beliefs, or a mind set geared toward cultural constructivism. It is a spark, a flash, a small flame that ignites a paradigm-obliterating explosion. It is destructive by nature. It lies dormant and, like diesel fuel, can only be ignited by tremendous pressure. It deconstructs. It strips flesh from bone and grinds bone to dust. It is doomed to consumption in the conflagration instigated by its own primal spark. It is a catalyst. It is tinder. It is powder and fuse."

Rich Oliver

Natural Man?

The only total way the "natural man" can be "cast off" is through physical castration. Religion, through pathological mental and emotional conditioning ... through the "Spirit," seeks to psychologically castrate both men and women; they become neutered, sexless ... neither male nor female ... a reflection of the self-contained male-female Adam who "begot" Eve. In that "pre-mortal" condition they were both ignorant of sex which, in the temple ceremony today, is reenacted by each member actor as they become another an Adam or another Eve ... before the "fall," i.e., when ignorant of sex, and therefore "pure." The effect of this conditioning is to try to benumb ... through "guilt" ... all sensual perceptions by fostering a hatred of the body and labeling it "evil."

What could be more natural than that, aye?
Couple it with the practice of control through the harnessing of instinctive drives and you have a zombie.

“Give me a child and I'll shape him into anything.”
B. F. Skinner

“When someone talks about self discipline, it usually means they want to control someone.”